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On January 1st, 2023,  Navy Veteran, Sexual Assault Survivor, and Mental Toughness Expert Colleen Ryan-Hensley will launch #BingingSober, an online community to serve those who are stuck in the downward spiral of binging unhealthy habits and are ready for a change.  The #BingingSober community will provide online and accessible education and awareness to help people embrace the full spectrum of experience, emotions and feelings, joy and pain, and teach members how to manage all of it well.

#BingingSober aims to redefine mental toughness and sobriety as co-antidotes to escape, and to lead one million people into an upward spiral of healing. Building on the already 40 million strong sober curious movement, the #BingingSober community will provide live support, interviews with mental health and wellness experts, community challenges, educational workshops, and more. The community will be available to everyone at no cost for the first three months of 2023.

The #BingingSober process focuses on the value of taking time away from intoxication in all its forms–including alcohol, social media, food, and more–rather than practicing abstinence from a single habit. The statistics on binging unhealthy habits are alarming: One in six Americans binge drink, with 25% doing so at least weekly. What’s more, 73% of Americans admit to binge-watching, with the average binge lasting over three hours. These multiple activities and habits can be traced to a single, underlying culprit: escapism.

“Escapism is the single biggest threat to the health of our society and the # 1 cause of the current mental health crisis,” says Colleen. “The habitual, socially driven, and accepted use of mind-numbing methods to avoid feeling real life is canceling our ability to self-regulate.”

She has used the #BingingSober process herself for almost two decades to manage depression, post-traumatic stress from a military sexual assault, and suicidal thoughts. It’s a solution for both civilians and veterans to help those struggling with depression, trauma, and more.

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