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We are fools!  

We leave the enchantment of our youth and are steadily conditioned to believe that romance only exists in long-stemmed roses and candle-lit dinners. It is a debilitating, socially-constructed phenomenon that limits our experience to intermittent, fleeting moments. 

In reality, romance is the conscious management of ordinary life in your most advantageous way. 

In every moment, whether alone or in the company of another, romance is regulated exclusively by personal judgment.

Here are the steps to designing your very own course to everlasting romance:

Step 1: Test Your Rocking Chair 

Imagine that you are a vivacious 70-years-old, relaxing in your favorite rocking chair, atop your dream porch, in your dream home, in your dream town. 

Every one of your unique self-ideals has been met: everything that you’ve wanted to achieve in fulfillment of your unique purpose is achieved; every relationship is thriving; every to-do, done; every bill, paid; and every item on your bucket-list, checked. 

Then, involve your infinite senses: take-in the view, taste your refreshing beverage, feel the honeyed air upon your skin, savor your accomplished and grateful heart…

Step 2: Discover Your Wisdom 

Apply what you learned in your rocking chair to the now, and you will minimize conflict between your present and future self; this will help to manage feelings of a stressful life. 

Stress is merely pressure from the environment, and you decide its direction: unconscious reactions to stress may paralyze you with anxiety, but consciously directed responses to stress will steer you into purposeful action. 

Fall in love with your future self, commit to their guidance, and you will minimize distress along the way.

Step 3: Maintain Your Course 

If you spend too much of your time in worry or otherwise giving your attention to details that you have no control over, you may mindlessly drift into the storm. 

Instead, accept inevitable challenges as part of the wholly satisfying nature of life. Experiences that you perceive as “bad” play a key role in motivation (see: everything happens for a reason). 

Regulate your experience by recalling your vivacious future-self in all of your decisions and in all of your routines, and you will begin to draw the intermittent, fleeting moments of sweet romance into every day.  

Romance awaits.

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