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The integrated path to a balanced well-being

Your Vibrant Life
Is Waiting For You!


The integrated path to a balanced well-being

Breaking free from the patterns we’ve blindly traced for so long is not a simple task. We often fall into habitual behaviors without recognizing them. When we live passively like this we allow them to dictate our life’s rhythm.

We’ve all experienced trauma on some level and most of us were not raised with the skills to talk about, process, or go towards those emotions. We need a template to pull from to show us the way to heal. I understand that it’s easy to get stuck in a downward spiral of unhealthy, mind-numbing habits and feel distracted from what matters because I’ve been there myself.

The main source of our distractions? The escapisms that as a society we collectively accept as part of life and in some circumstances, even glamorize. 

It’s time to escape the escapisms…It is up to us to change the narrative.

Only you can take control of your time and energy, disarm your habits, question your beliefs and uncover the true meaning in your life.

Imagine what your life could look like if you...

This is what the #BingingSober practice enables you to do.

The question is…are you ready for increased awareness, control, and balance in your life?

If the answer is ‘yes!’, then it’s time to #BingeSober!

Introducing your new way of life

What if we binged on sober in the same way we binged on all the things that take us away from experiencing the feelings of life? 

What if we gave ourselves the permission and space to move through life awake and more free?

This is #BingingSober.

With #BingingSober, you will learn how to use “conscious escape” and master your energy, so you can truly live in the moment and experience more peace, more drive and more motivation. 

#BingingSober, inspires sober in the dictionary sense – it’s the calm, peaceful, and clear headspace we can experience when we control the intoxication from things that we use to escape.

It’s about taking time away from intoxication in all forms, including alcohol, social media, food, or whatever you use to avoid, rather than practicing abstinence from one, single habit. This creates a path to a more authentic and joy-filled life, rather than the black-and-white approach of abstinence which creates shame around common binging habits.

#BingingSober is more than just an ideology, it’s a practical blueprint for living well and living free. 

It’s a way for you to break free from the escapisms society readily presents to us and #BingeSober instead.

Your beautiful life exists in the place you’re trying to avoid.

The Truth Behind Escapism

Escapism is the single biggest threat to the health of our society and the # 1 cause of the current mental health crisis. 

The habitual, socially driven, and accepted use of mind-numbing methods to avoid feeling real life is having a detrimental impact on our ability to self-regulate. 

The statistics on binging unhealthy habits are alarming: One in six Americans binge drink, with 25% doing so at least weekly. What’s more, 73% of Americans admit to binge-watching, with the average binge lasting over three hours. These multiple activities and habits can be traced to a single, underlying culprit: escapism.

Escapism is a common coping mechanism that people use to avoid dealing with underlying issues or needed healing. By acknowledging and addressing these root causes, individuals can break the cycle of binging and find healthier ways to cope with their emotions and experiences.

#BingingSober is a movement for humans who want to rediscover the natural zest and energy that already resides within them – a state of clear, curious, child-like mental flow. 

Colleen Ryan-Hensley

About Colleen Ryan-Hensley

The stoicism that made the Navy a haven for me is what made me want to feel it all; I yearned to be vulnerable, to be whole. And so, I traded the safety of a warship for the dangers of a much more formidable war: the war to reignite my capacity for emotion. 

Nevertheless, it was everything I learned in my boots that became the foundation for my devotion—devotion to my healing, and devotion to inspiring others to heal.

It was the Navy that instilled in me a deeply held sense of shared sacrifice, shared responsibility, and service to a greater good. 

It was the Navy’s institutionalized suppression of an emotional life that sparked a desire in me to understand the workings of the human mind and to find a connection to myself, to others and to the divine. 

This led me to an advanced degree in Performance Psychology, and research and practice in optimal wellness and community development. Now I show others how to choose their own adventures in healing so they too can start to live a balanced life where escape and reality live in harmony.

Join the #BingingSober mission

I created the #BingingSober movement to empower the average person using my tried and true method, so they can design their own lives and begin to live in greater harmony and fulfillment.

If you’re ready to turn habitual escapism into purposeful, conscious escape and gain control of your life and wellness, you can join our space by downloading the #BingingSober App.

How does it work?

The app works by creating a personally tailored point system that is unique to you and the escapes and escapisms you rely on in your life. 

Point values are then assigned to habits and are used to redirect your time and energy to where you need it the most. 

It’s through this practice you can gain a deeper level of awareness when it comes to the escapisms you use and regain control of your life by redirecting your energy in a positive and beneficial way.

Testimonials from those who have heard Colleen speak or have joined the #BingingSober movement and felt the results

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