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Mental Toughness Makeover Podcast
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Beyond grit to genuine growth.

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Mental Toughness Makeover Podcast
Coming Soon!

BeyPlease nd grit to genuine growthprovideide your name and email to be among the first to receive updates once our podcast goes live!

About Mental Toughness Makeover

Welcome to the “Mental Toughness Makeover” – where we dive deep into the true essence of what it means to be mentally tough in today’s world.

Hosted by seasoned performance coach and Navy Veteran, Colleen Ryan-Hensley, this podcast aims to challenge and reshape the prevailing narratives surrounding mental toughness.

For too long, mental toughness has been oversimplified as merely having “grit” or pushing through adversity at any cost.

This one-dimensional understanding can often lead to the unintentional burying of residual stress and trauma.

True mental toughness isn’t just about enduring; it’s about healing, understanding, and growing from the challenges we face.

Each episode will introduce listeners to expert insights, real-life stories, and actionable strategies to embrace a more holistic, health-forward approach to mental toughness and healing.

Whether you’re navigating work, school, sports, or daily life, our goal is to equip you with the tools to not only face challenges head-on but to also process, heal, and emerge stronger than before.

Join us as we embark on a transformative adventure to redefine mental toughness. Because to truly move forward, sometimes we need to take a step back and heal.

Remember: resilience isn’t just about how hard you can hit, but how well you can heal.

Colleen is a Navy veteran and a Performance Coach with an advanced degree in Performance Psychology.  After battling depression, alcohol abuse and post traumatic stress for years, she tamed her brain and learned how to view her depression as a gift.  

Her mission is to reimagine mental toughness. Our current idea of what mental toughness is creates toxic energy and gets in the way of processing our experiences that require healing. Healing is tough. Right now, experts suggest it takes an average of 26 years to heal from trauma. And our current healthcare system is overloaded with a disproportionate access to care.  

This podcast will deep dive into topics related to the past, present and future of mental toughness. Colleen will talk with industry experts, thought leaders, healers and those who have embarked on their healing adventure to inspire others to heal themselves and heal the world..