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Mental Toughness Makeover Podcast

Let’s go beyond grit to genuine growth.

Grit: Fact or Fiction?

Welcome to the Mental Toughness Makeover 

Where we unravel the layers of what it truly means to be tough in the fabric of everyday life.

We explore how grit has shaped and been shaped by society and examine the real impacts of toughness on individuals and communities through conversations and stories. 

Historically, toughness has been celebrated in various forms—physical, mental, social, intellectual, moral, and spiritual—each playing a distinct role in our social fabric. Today, we understand that the true measure of toughness involves a blend of resilience, emotional intelligence, and social connectivity.

Each episode of our podcast brings us closer to understanding how these elements of toughness can lead to more profound healing and growth. 

We feature real people, tackle real issues, and offer strategies for enhancing resilience in all aspects of life—from personal struggles to community triumphs.

Join us as we challenge outdated notions of grit and resilience. 

It’s not just about pushing through; it’s about fostering an environment where every challenge is an opportunity for growth and every story inspires change.


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Podcast Title Here

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Your story is welcome here.

I’m Ryan, a Navy veteran turned mental performance coach driven by stories of camaraderie and adventure from my grandfather’s time at sea. 

After a decade in the Navy, I’ve dedicated my career to enhancing the wellness and mental performance of individuals, active duty military and veterans, and communities. 

I created this podcast to ignite a spark of camaraderie and transformation in others, bringing together diverse voices to foster wellness and community spirit. 

Join us as we explore pathways to personal and communal vitality inspired by a rich tapestry of backgrounds and perspectives.

Is escapism holding you back?

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Is escapism holding you back?

Take this two minute quiz and find out.